Ground Vehicles

Locus Lock offers sub lane-level precise positioning system for ground vehicles. With easy system integration, RadioLion is the most efficient way to bring powerful GNSS capable products to market quickly.



Locus Lock’s GNSS receiver incorporates cutting-edge signal processing with robust estimation techniques that offers advanced signal situational awareness while maintaining high-fidelity positioning. It can counter challenging urban multipath environments by exploiting triple-frequency signal processing techniques. Additionally, the RadioLion’s dual-antennas and onboard IMU provide robust defense mechanisms against GNSS spoofing. Secured centimeter-level global positioning is game changing for the warfare technology of the future.



GNSS-SDR appeals to aerial and space-based applications that require access to highly accurate and flexible GNSS when in high dynamical conditions with low signal-to-noise ratios. Our platform can be deployed to a host of applications, but importantly, small, lightweight devices that require centimeter-level precise positioning, such as UAVs. Our companion RF front-end has a compact size (5.6 cm × 6.5 cm) and low mass (24.5 grams), which make it suitable even for micro-aerial platforms.


Emerging R&D

SDR brings market flexibility. Many key features of our solution can be modified through software upgrades, providing the end-user with flexible, updatable, and portable design configurations that keep pace with the changing market ecosystem. This flexibility enables our customers to tailor software behavior to their specific need.