Ground Vehicles

Locus Lock offers sub lane-level precise positioning system for ground vehicles. With easy system integration, RadioLion is the most efficient way to bring powerful GNSS capable products to market quickly.



Locus Lock’s RadioLion can counter challenging urban multipath environments by exploiting triple-frequency signal processing techniques. Additionally, the RadioLion’s dual-antennas and onboard IMU provide robust defense mechanisms against GNSS spoofing. We offer advanced signal situational awareness, anti-spoofing, and interference technology that maintains high performance in challenging environments.



RadioLion is applicable to a host of applications, but importantly, small, lightweight GNSS devices. The Carrier-Phase Differential GNSS (CDGNSS) positioning technique used in the GRID SDR processing suite provides users with centimeter- level accuracy. Autonomous Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) are reliant on lightweight CDGNSS-SDRs for centimeter-level precise positioning. The RadioLion’s compact size (5.6 cm × 6.5 cm) and low mass (24.5 grams) make it suitable for micro-aerial platforms.


Emerging R&D

SDR brings market flexibility. This flexibility is twofold: first, the RadioLion receiver can be easily updated by the end-user during its operational life and second, it becomes an efficient tool to prototype signal processing algorithms and signal quality algorithms. This flexibility enables our customers to tailor software behavior to their application.