RadioLion Plus GRID Positioning Engine

GRID is a state-of-the-art software-defined GNSS receiver developed at the Radionavigation Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. GRID is an embeddable multi-frequency, multi-constellation software-defined GNSS receiver. It utilizes an RTK engine to deliver customers a centimeter accurate positioning solution. When deployed, GRID paired with RadioLion offers customers a fully functional GNSS solution that provides a precise positioning solution.

Robust Positioning

Our fully functional receiver provides high performance and accuracy even in challenging environments.

Interference Mitigation

GRID offers advanced signal situational awareness and anti-spoofing technology that maintains high performance in challenging scenarios against spoofers and jammers.

Affordable Accuracy

To reduce cost, we run our software on existing processors instead of using expensive, inflexible hardware receivers.

Runs GRID Positioning Engine

Mature C++ GPS/GNSS software receiver suite (Technology Readiness Level 7)

Ultra Configurable

GRID offers end-users many options and configurations to best tailor the GNSS SDR receiver to their needs.

Power Lean

Under some processing configurations, GRID requires less than half the computational resources of a general purpose processor. Harnessing the latest technological advancements, GRID has become a more capable and power-lean GNSS SDR.